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Are you stuck, confused or frustrated in your career?

To help in your transition, career coaching may be the service for you.

In a nutshell: I help people improve their career advancement opportunities and job hunting prospects, particularly in the Finance industry.

I have two specific areas of focus:

Career Discovery
Finding new career direction, enriching your current position and framing your approach to a work-life balance.

The coach’s role is to help the client come up with their own advice, judgments or solutions. This is done through

providing a structure, assessments and an environment to discuss work considerations based on a minimum commitment of four sessions.

The emphasis is on putting the client in charge of their progress, with the career coach serving as a challenger, accountability partner and cheerleader.

It’s a collaborative approach that brings client awareness, responsibility and self-belief in a non-judgemental and neutral environment.

career coaching

CV / Career coaching advice at annual CFA Conference

The principal focus is on coaching those from graduate level all the way up to middle management and beyond.

Job Seekers’ Toolkit

This career coaching service is designed to help clients in their search for a new position and the practical programme is tailored to individual requirements, particularly in Hong Kong.

This includes:


So if you find yourself stuck, try something different. What have you got to lose?

That second set of eyes and sounding board that can provide structure to your thinking.

Contact to meet your career or broader personal coaching needs.