Life & Financial Coaching

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

Get valuable feedback, insight, guidance and direction to unlock your potential and get the most out of your career. Also, get help in crafting a powerful CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Life Coaching
Life Coaching

Put your life on a firm footing, and resist the temptation of immediate rewards. There's something bigger and better waiting for you.

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Why Choose Us

  • A neutral sounding board for career coaching and CV writing .
  • No product selling; about improving career and strategic approach.
  • Over 15 years within wealth management industry.
  • Trained in corporate and life coaching.

Give yourself the gift of career empowerment by signing up for coaching with me, your personal guide to a more powerful life.


Whether based in Hong Kong or internationally, get a free coaching consultation today. Sign-up is simple and easy. Take the first step towards your freedom.

Should you have a coach? Here are some reasons:

A good coach will start you on your way to independence, both personally and career-wise. There are some signs that signal that you should consider getting a coach.
  • Not having focus in your life.
  • Stressed caused by career events.

Going into this conversation with Godfrey, I didn't know what he could tell me that I already didn't know. Somehow my savings seem to burn up in Hong Kong and I just dealt with that. Godfrey instead helped me to understand how it burned up and where I can make improvements so not only does it not burn up, but I had some to save. He shifted my way of thinking and our time discussing was time well worth it."

Consultant and Project Manager