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Nobody's Coming To Rescue You

Nobody’s Coming To Rescue You

November 15, 2018

The headline isn’t meant to put the fear of the almighty into you. In fact, it’s more of a call to arms.

Many of us acknowledge that there’s at least one area in our lives that needs to be addressed. Maybe we’ve had an itch we’ve wanted to scratch for some time when it comes to a subject, maybe it’s a full-blown crisis. Either way, there’s something lingering that needs to be addressed.

The trouble is we find ourselves waiting for something, anything. A knight on a white charger. A fairy godmother. Perhaps it’s a lottery win (and you haven’t even bought a lottery ticket!).

Basically we’re gripped by a dose of fear and denial.

The thing is, we all understand how irrational fear can be but that doesn’t stop us from putting off what we know we should be looking into. That’s why you might have a pile of unopened statements sitting on your dining table, or you keep making excuses for not returning the call of your credit card company. You could also be avoiding that conversation with your boss than needs to happen – whether to stick or twist.

What should you do about it?

Take baby steps.

The problem with a lot of the issues we have to address is that we get a little overwhelmed by the scale of what needs to be done. We’ve left it so long that we don’t know where to start. Well, the key is to start anyway.

Maybe starting involves writing down your training needs on the career side, or maybe it means opening just one of those bank statements to deal with your finances. Maybe it’s about getting a new CV sorted out. Bottom line is you’ve got to just start.

So instead of putting all that energy into worrying, just do one simple thing towards improving your situation. Then another. And another. Baby steps.